childs st.

so this is where im at: 

the only pictures im in

im in the background,

a passerby, maybe glancing

at the camera with an almost candid sun-

glass tilt/right brow raised

suave guy facial expression

as some graduates dad says

"wait lemme get another one."

so this is where im at:

the oak sapling in the middle

of your shrubbery 

whose shiny leaves

you mistake for poison ivy.

so this is where im at:

on the run, ill admit,

as the culprit in all

my friends murder investigations

running like i think 

the force of the wind against me

will wash clean my days-old stink

and make my legs stronger

so i can run as fast as i need to

when impulse and/or adrenaline demand it,

and where i want to be 

is a place that only exists inside me and

where i can never dwell physically

despite my hardest striving.